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T44A15-3P contactless contactor application in ceramics industry

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T44A15-3P contactless contactor application in ceramics industry
langfeng electric technology development limited production of patent products T44A15-3P,
Is specialized for the following 1.5Kw three-phase AC motor design and production. Because of the bad environmental impact, resistance to dust, corrosive gas, switching speed, suitable for wide voltage range, if the voltage is not stable place also can accurately complete the action, has a high structural strength, dust-proof, moisture-proof, corrosion resistance, long life, fast switching speed, no noise, small volume, no spark, explosion proof, anti vibration impact resistance, vibration resistance ability.
To make T44A15-3P in ceramic industry kiln machine and application is of great significance, we list the concrete application
A: lifting motor, baffle motor:
For a long wind without contact, accurate positioning, will not appear because of ordinary contactor core wear caused by factors such as the lifting frame high and sometimes low, even program disorder ( proximity switch dislocation ), use maintenance is very few, and greatly reduces the failure rate.
Two: into the kiln for stepper motor and stop motor by T44A15-3P instead of frequency converter:
Now many manufacturers here using inverter drive the two motors, this is wrong, because inverter need acceleration time and deceleration time ( at least to 0.1s or 100ms ), is behind the running signal. The two motors are not synchronized operation, stepper motor often is in a stopped state ( Adobe stepper photoelectric stop after the waiting period, stop the motor again transfer to Adobe ) it must decrease the speed of the motor to eliminate some stop acceleration time caused by the collision. But when Adobe gap is small and continuous over time, in a row of bricks ( step ) when the gap between is bound to Adobe, is not conducive to into the kiln ( easy to cause blocking the kiln ), visible two situations are contradictory, it is difficult to adjust, or collision or increasing gap.
Application of two T44A15-3P instead of frequency converter can easily solve this problem, the reason is the long wind contactless movement speed, without the acceleration time and deceleration time, that opened on the open, stop, as long as the adjustment of the good can be a time, regardless of whether a connection line from Adobe interval and number, can be arranged consistent, also do not collide. It will not be affected by the voltage level of the impact.
Three: split brick kiln motor and roller table for motor with T44A15-3P,
As a result of long wind without contact using zero conduction, and on-off without spark, so at turn-on of the motor coil insulation has no impact on the smooth starting, motor, drive synchronous belt or gear and no impact, greatly prolonging its service life.
While the ordinary contactor is random without zero on-off function, but also in the on-off will produce sparks, so that in the ordinary contactor on-off often ( especially in the near 90 degrees ) to generate instantaneous high voltage, the high voltage to the motor winding coil has great impact, so that every time you start and stop time inconsistency in motor and drag the mechanical impact, accelerate the motor coil heating and mechanical wear.
In addition to using frequency converter motor is a waste, but also because of acceleration deceleration time, positioning effect than with no contact to difference, especially the roller table mechanical resistance small, brick row position often fluctuation.
Four : the press surrounding the motor with T44A15-3P
Especially the compressor the blanking machine, should all use T44A15-3P, by PLC directly controls T44A15-3P, without an intermediate relay, such a configuration, so that the highest failure rate blanking machine control cabinet became the lowest failure rate. The environment was too dusty, an intermediate relay and contactor is often damaged, see inside large dust and can not be cleaned, a new electrical if gas then blows it, one or two days will be put inside the ordinary contactor change all over. T44A15-3P don't worry, cleaned once a year is enough.
Cloth system within the ordinary contactor for T44A15-3P with special auxiliary contact T22A05F, effect is more obvious.
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